Firm Foundation Broadcast Re-Play Here!

Monday, November 13, 2017 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

I'm pleased to host the new daily Firm Foundation with Bryan Hudson broadcast that airs on WTLC AM1310 here in Indianapolis at 10:45-11:00am ET Monday - Friday. There is also a simulcast for everyone to enjoy at 

For early risers, there is a replay of the broadcast at 6:30-7:45am. It's called "Firm Foundation Morning Light" and it can be good compliment for your morning devotions. You can click here to visit and bookmark that webpage from New Covenant Church.

The playlist menu is located on the upper left of the player window below.

Let me know if you are blessed by the teachings and conversations! If you have questions, prayer requests, or want to receive a free weekly PDF ebook or MP3 of the teaching, visit the New Covenant Church website.

Thanks & God Bless!
Bryan Hudson