Reaching out to Nigeria

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

My son Jonathan and I are visiting Nigeria May 21-29 on a mission trip. This will be my third journey to Nigeria, and the first for him.

While Nigeria is most famous for Internet scams, I've come to know the better qualities of the people of this great nation. Nigerians are hard-working, gracious, God-fearing and highly intelligent.

You will not see young men in Lagos hanging out with sagging pants and "talking trash." Since there is no social safety net, everyone works. From the people who push carts to deliver daily fresh water, to the street vendors who rise early to set up shop, it's like Wal-Mart on the streets. Many of those with crippling disabilities show their dignity even when begging is their only option.

Lagos is a city of 18 million people with broken infrastructure and too much government corruption, but I have found that the hearts of many of the people are whole.

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