A God Who Sits High, Looks Low, and Takes Action

Friday, October 23, 2009 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

Psalm 113:4 For the LORD is high above the nations; his glory is far greater than the heavens. 5 Who can be compared with the LORD our God, who is enthroned on high? 6 Far below him are the heavens and the earth. He stoops to look, 7 and he lifts the poor from the dirt and the needy from the garbage dump. 8 He sets them among princes, even the princes of his own people! 9 He gives the barren woman a home, so that she becomes a happy mother. Praise the LORD!
While reading this Psalm, I recalled a phrase that is sometimes used in public prayers and sermons that says, "God sits high and He looks low." It is a statement to which we can say, "Amen!" However, like many such statements, we often don't consider the greater and more edifying meaning of the words.

According to this text, God is obviously "enthroned on high." He also "stoops to look." But the "LORD our God" (His title of supreme sovereignty, power and provision) who sits high doesn't stop with simply looking "low." He takes action:

  • The LORD our God lifts the poor from dirty places
  • The LORD our God removes the needy from discarded places
  • The LORD our God restores dignity by setting His chosen ones among princes
  • The LORD our God gives barren women (or fruitless people) a "home," which is a place of blessing, healing and reproduction.

This is the nature of our God. This is why He is high above nations and whose glory is greater than the heavens. We should consider all this and remember that when the LORD our God looks at you and me, help will soon follow.