Community Organizers

Friday, September 05, 2008 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

It is callous and unwise to make light of community organizing, which is a subset of the professional field of social work. Community organizing requires a broad range of competencies, empathy, and a high level of planning to manage both small and large operations.

Community organizers are responsible for "meals on wheels" type efforts, reforming ex-offenders, church ministries, at-risk youth programs, revitalization projects, and more. Our government actually does far less in comparison to what people are doing for one another in the community.

People who circle their socio-economic wagons to separate themselves from others are usually clueless, as we have seen. If it were not for the work of community organizers, a lot of the troubles and troubled people in the city would spread more aggressively into suburbs and small towns.

So rather than belittle community organizers, we should thank God that they do a job to benefit our society as a whole. The work is worthy of anyone who aspires to executive or political leadership. I believe it is a moral imperative to serve before asking to lead.

Finally, community organizers and the millions of people they have served are also voters who pay attention to callous messages.