Affirmative action pick?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 Bryan Hudson 1 Comments

Seconds after the president nominated Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court, charges of "reverse racism" and accusations of another "affirmative action" selection began to fly.

Republican leaders such as Rush Limbaugh wasted no time giving themselves another black eye by denigrating a woman who appears to be highly qualified. The fact that she is female and Hispanic is a positive by-product.

There are always people who are eager to suggest that minorities, especially blacks and Hispanics, who receive jobs, appointments or attain high office could not be as qualified as a white person. "Oh, that's just an affirmative action pick," many say.

Interestingly, when an organization, leadership group or court is comprised of all white persons, there are no complaints. But let one minority breach that wall, and charges of reverse racism get started. People seem to think that real racism has vanished.

Sotomayer should be evaluated on her record and temperament. Let the Judiciary Committee and Senate debate, then vote up or down.

At the end of the day, the "old guard" will have to accept the fact that the days of overlooking qualified minorities have ended.

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  1. Bryan: My first impression of Judge Sotomayor is that there could have been a lot worse picks. And I understand the Latino strategy -- very hard from a political standpoint for Republicans to oppose a member of a voting block that they will need in the future if they are to have any electoral hope. I don't think that is reverse racism, just reality politics in an identity based political system. But I wonder how saying that a Latina woman is inherently more qualified as a judge than a white man is any less racist than saying that a white man is inherently more qualified than a Latina woman.