We are looking forward to a wonderful time at our 21st Community Christmas Jesus Celebration!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

Dear New Covenant Family and Friends,

We are looking forward to a wonderful time this weekend! On Saturday, December 17 from 12noon to 4:00pm, we will serve close to 200 guests at our 21st Community Christmas Jesus Celebration! On Sunday, December 18, we will enjoy a special time of worship and ministry. 

Special thanks to Candase Cornett and our Share Team for their planning and hard work in bringing our Christmas outreach to fruition! Thanks to everyone for making preparations to bless the Lord and serve our guests!

Touching people for Christ, and serving people in innovative ways, is my greatest passion!  We remember the legacy of my mother Gaynell Hudson, whose example of loving people deeply shaped my life growing up, and along with dad, has shaped our culture of caring at New Covenant Church. We do this work in Jesus' Name, but we remember her as well. 

This year, we are doing something different with our program. Because it is different, I need you to be supportive and flexible. Having the program over the course of the afternoon from 12 noon to 4 PM allows us to serve a greater number of people in our building. Our anticipated numbers are as follows: 

12:00 pm   46 people including seniors from Forest Manor
  1:00 pm   36 Including men from Jesus House
  2:00 pm   64 people
  3:00 pm   45 people

Of course, we cannot predict exactly how people will come and go, but we will be blessed to see and serve every adult and child. We will flow with the people and with the Holy Spirit. Myself and designated leaders will be responsible for keeping the service, and people, moving with joy and love. 

Around the top of every hour we will begin with dinner in the multipurpose room, followed by performances, ministry, and gift-giving in the auditorium. We will end each hour with prayer and an invitation for people to receive Christ as Savior and Lord.

Finally, we will take group and family pictures and give prints as people are exiting. We'll also capture some testimonies on video.

While offering our program in the auditorium, people arriving for the next hour will go directly to the multi-purpose room for check-in and dinner. 

On Wednesday evening at 6:30pm, we will gather to wrap gifts and make preparation for the event. This is also a good time for rehearsals and team meetings. I will be meeting with the ministers and other leaders/workers as needed. 

Most importantly, keep the entire weekend in prayer! Come with joy and great expectation in our Lord Jesus Christ! 

God in Good...All the Time! Love You All!
 Pastor Bryan & Patricia Hudson