"I am a Leader" - Affirmations of Expectation

Monday, August 20, 2012 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

While reviewing some leadership materials from my library, I re-discovered the following list of affirmations by Dr. Myles Munroe. As a statement of our present practice, this list is a little intimidating. However, as a statement of our personal expectation, it is encouraging. Enjoy!

1. I possess a deep guiding purpose
2. I have a clear vision
3. I love to serve others
4. I have established specific goals
5. I cultivate my spiritual reserves
6. I am teachable
7. I am constantly refining my skills
8. I am tolerant
9. I am honest and sincere with integrity
10. I communicate my vision
11. I am an avid reader
12. I maximize time
13. I am enthusiastic toward life
14. I believe in the worth and value of others
15. I keep myself in the best condition possible
16. I embrace responsibility carefully
17. I am daring
18. I am decisive
19. I am result oriented
20. I am committed to excellence
21. I learn from my mistakes
22. I measure myself against myself

[From Myles Munroe, Becoming a Leader: Everyone Can Do It-Workbook (Bakersfield, CA: Pneuma Life Publishing, 1993), p. 59.]