A Space With No Roadblocks or Traffic Jams

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

(Took this picture of a beautiful Cardinal perched in my back yard.)

Yesterday while reading a book, the author made the following statement:
"There are no roadblocks or traffic jams on the extra mile." (Brian Tracy)

In every day life and work, we face disappointments and frustrations. We all have to deal with the demands and expectations of others, which are sometimes unreasonable.

However, when you're going the "extra mile" you're operating in a space where you are free to function at your highest level. There are no roadblocks or traffic jams on that road because so few people go there. You won’t find the same disappointments and frustrations in this space.

This idea is not just about more effort, it's about tapping into the grace of God in your life. You have more potential and personal power than you realize.

Go the extra mile and you’ll find it!