Racism: The Reason for the Massacre at Charleston

Monday, June 22, 2015 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

My Thoughts on the Charleston Murders
The Late Rev. Clementa Pinckney
I've been reading report after report about the massacre at Charleston. In Christian media, such as an article at Charisma.com asks the question, "What the Charleston Church Massacre Says About American Culture?" This, like many articles, use this tragedy in Charleston to "spiritualize" and pontificate on various subjects from "pervasive darkness in the nation" to a "wake up call" to the entire church. As I learned in journalism class a long time ago, do not "bury the lede" -- meaning do not side step the true story. Christians have to stop blaming the devil for everything, so long as people have the power of choice. We also have to stop placing any burden on victims in the wake of tragedies, and keep 100% of the focus and pressure on perpetrators, sympathizers, and others at risk to commit the same behavior. We need to try to prevent racist attacks by dealing with racists and racism through prayer, intervention, and education. 
We must not forget, nor be caused not to focus on, anything other than the ACTUAL CAUSE of the massacre at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, and related incidents. The cause was RACISM by an avowed racist against African Americans. 
If we are serious about ending the scourge of racism in our nation, we need to ask hard questions such as: What kind of lifestyle, associations, philosophies, social media tendencies, parenting, etc., allow a boy like Dylann Roof to grow up wanting to kill black people? Why didn't someone who witnessed his tendencies report it or seek intervention?
We can only commend and honor the people of Emanuel AME and families of victims for showing the nation their faith and resolve to forgive. However, this is NOT A REASON for us to shift our focus away from the ugly problem that stares at our nation----hatred, brutality, and racism against black people needs to end. (I know there are other problems, but I’m focused on this issue here.)
We have WORK to do in the Name of Jesus, not just WORDS to say.

Recommended reading: "Dylann Roof Photos and a Manifesto Are Posted on Website" http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/21/us/dylann-storm-roof-photos-website-charleston-church-shooting.html?_r=0