What Happened to the Watchmen?

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

(Re-published from October 16, 2015 )

There is a very unfortunate report with unedited video. Several prominent ministers prophesied over, and laid hands on, billionaire GOP candidate Donald J. Trump as if he were a sitting elected leader or confirmed nominee for President of the United States.

Given Mr. Trump's documented pattern of vulgarity, misogyny, disrespectful, and narcissistic behavior, one would expect preachers and prophets of God to raise a righteous standard, rather than appear to endorse or commend the thrice-married Trump.

Notwithstanding our present era of brand-oriented, hedonistic and compromising Christianity, we should consider the words of the Prophet Isaiah to his generation, and Holy Scripture to our generation.

"For the leaders of my people--the LORD's watchmen, his shepherds--are blind and ignorant. They are like silent watchdogs that give no warning when danger comes." Isaiah 56:10

Watch the video:

We preachers are called to be "watchmen" who are not subject to the influence of political partisanship, personalities, or eagerness to consort with seemingly powerful people.

The motivation for this commendation of Mr. Trump by laying on of hands is difficult to discern. This was much different than a meeting featuring questions and answers. It's hard to believe that laying on of hands would have been offered to someone who was not a celebrity front-runner (as of this writing) for the Republican party presidential nomination and a billionaire. Will prayer/prophesy sessions be offered to all candidates?

It would be most disturbing if any preacher participated because of having received, or had hope of receiving, money from Mr. Trump. It would be helpful to know the justifications of participating ministers in light of this Scripture text that we hold in high regard:

"Do not be too quick in the laying on of hands and thereby share in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure." 1 Tim. 5:22

I believe that in these matters, biblical, kingdom principles must "trump" any commendation or spiritual endorsement of Donald J. Trump. Our necessary election process is carnal and constitutional, not Christ-centered and spiritual. It seems the more Christians align with political candidates and parties, the least spiritual impact and authority they end up possessing. This confluence of worldly politics and religious conviction has produced many unbiblical and spurious beliefs.

Rather than being strong prophetic voices, too many of us preachers have become pawns in the game of partisan politics or promoters of lesser people and their self-serving agendas.

~ Bryan Hudson