Celebrating Jesus...Serving Our Community! | Report on 2015 Community Christmas Celebration and Outreach

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

The dates of December 10-22, 2015 were days of sharing the love of Christ. Hundreds of people were blessed with gifts, Christian literature, prayers, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ! This was our 25th Community Christmas Celebration!

This year we ministered to over 600 incarcerated women and their families. We partnered with Friends Fellowship Prison Ministry to serve women at Indiana Women's Prison, Rockville Prison, and Craine House transitional facility. We also served individuals and families from our community at a special luncheon and Christmas program at New Covenant Church.

TESTIMONY OF GOD'S FAITHFULNESS: On December 5, we placed a large order for Pastor's Hudson newest devotional book, "RENEW" to give to over 600 people in our community and in prisons. I was told that there was "no way" I could have it by the 16th (as I was originally informed). The lady said not even to expect it before Christmas. Prayed about it and believed God to have it by the 16th. Shipment showed up December 10!

We were able to deliver 550 copies of the book along with 33 cases of Dermasil lotion to Indiana Women's Prison on December 15.

On December 17, we collaborated with a few other ministries to bless 550 women at Indiana Women's Prison with personal items, snacks, Christian literature, and a copy of my book. The ladies came in groups by dorm units. We met them with gifts, words of blessing, warm greetings, and "Merry Christmas!" The prison superintendent, also a believer in Christ, joined us! Thank a to Chaplain Epps for her valuable work at IWP (Photos and videos not allowed in prison )

Photo from the December 15 gift prep day Indiana Women's Prison. 550 of my books were distributed along with gifts and toiletries to each incarcerated woman from New Covenant Church and collaborating ministries. I believe that every lady will be blessed by Jesus Christ, empowered, and transformed by the Bible-based content of the book "Renew: Principles of Change for Better Life!" Thank you Chaplain Epps for your valuable work at IWP! 

Below is a slideshow video of the Luncheon and Celebration on Saturday, December 19 featuring a presentation by New Covenant Church children, and message by Jonathan Hudson, message by Pastor Bryan Hudson, and giving of food boxes and gifts.

On December 22, two families were treated to a shoe shopping spree.

This Community Christmas Outreach continues the legacy of compassion for people shown by Gaynell Hudson, who directed the Share ministry of New Covenant Church until her homegoing in August of 2003. 

Below is a brief video reflecting on 25 years of community service and our founder, Gaynell Hudson.


Thanks to the Share Committee of New Covenant Church, to all of the volunteers who labored in love to make this event possible! 
Share Committee members: Candase Cornett (Director), H.B. Hudson, Vera & Dennis Gibson, Harriet Berry, Rhonda Davis, Bertha Fields and Dennis & Joycell Ingram

Thanks to: Lilly Endowment, Inc., Chaplain Delores Epps & Friends Fellowship Prison Ministry, Freetown Village, Vision Communications, Walter Smith