Sing, Bountiful Dealings, and Addition

Thursday, July 14, 2016 Bryan Hudson 2 Comments

Psalm 13:6, (NKJV) I will sing to the Lord, Because He has dealt bountifully with me.

(NIV) "...The Lord has been good to me."

You may not be a singer, but you've got something to sing about! God has been good to you and me. The text says God has "dealt bountifully" with us. Consider the outcomes of God working in your life versus many circumstances or unhelpful people.

Bountiful means: "Liberal in bestowing gifts or favors; Given or provided abundantly."

Much about life leaves you feeling drained and depleted. As I wrote this post in a waiting room, my name was called for blood work. I laughed to myself thinking how my mother used to call these folks "vampires" for taking your blood! Of course they only drew a little, but life always extracts something from us.

Whenever the Lord deals with you, He adds something needed! Jesus bestows gifts, favor, wisdom, healing, opportunity, abundance, and much more!

When you read the entirety of Psalm 13, it begins with David talking about the effects of negative and challenging circumstances (SUBTRACTION). But it ends with David thanking God for being bountiful towards him (ADDITION).

Addition is always the outcome of God dealing with you, so get into His presence and His word every day!