God's Presence at a Rural African Village Church Made of Mud

Sunday, November 20, 2016 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

Tuesday, November 15 was the final day of our 2016 Kenya mission. We arrived to Busia Kenya on Monday, but arrived too late to hold an evening meeting.

We traveled to a village 30 miles outside Busia to hold meetings at a church constructed of wood, clay with a dirt floor (be sure the see the photos). Twenty miles of that journey included driving on a bumpy dirt road eroded at some places so badly that we had to get out of the van to allow our driver to navigate trenches with a lighter load.

Kenneth Sullivan and I taught two sessions to pastor's and Christian workers. They responded very positively to our messages.  For the late afternoon Crusade, Dr. Jerry Williams preached at the gospel crusade.  Many people came forward to receive Christ as Savior and Lord!  It was a humbling experience to hear people confess Jesus in their Swahili language. 

I was impressed by the reality that God's presence in that church building made of mud was exactly the same as within our buildings made of concrete, steel and glass! What stands out more than anything else is the dedication of the pastors and believers to empowering their people and reaching the lost. The Kenyans are hard working, joyful and resourceful people. What we sometimes view from a distance as pitiful and destitute  is in reality dignity and determination when you see it up close day after day. The photo below illustrates this determination:

As I have shared in every update, thank you for your prayers and support. Keep the people, pastors and churches of Kenya in your prayers!

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~ Pastor Bryan Hudson