Merry Christmas! 26th Community Jesus Christmas Outreach Highlights (Video)

Sunday, December 25, 2016 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

Merry Christmas! December is a month of love, because we celebrate the greatest gift of God’s love this month, Jesus Christ! We also share love by exchanging gifts and celebrating family.

For the past 26 years at New Covenant Church, we have shared the love of Jesus with our community through our Community Christmas Jesus Celebration. This outreach was founded by my late mother, Gaynell Hudson. It is a multi-day outreach of love, encouragement, and providing food, gifts, and gospel literature. We donated 300 of my Romans Road devotional books to Indiana Women’s Prison. I want to share that three people gave their lives to Christ at our Saturday luncheon and program!  The freezing rain early in the day prevented some people from attending, but we delivered food and gifts to those who could not attend. Jonathan Hudson brought a wonderful exhortation on “Christmas is Christmas.” We were blessed to have men from Jesus House join us and two of the brothers joined in with our praise team along with guest musician Walter Smith!

We thank Lilly Endowment for their support. Special thanks to Chaplain Delores Epps of Friends Fellowship for leading our outreach to Indiana Women’s Prison and Craine House. Thanks to Candase Cornett for leading our Share Team in coordinating our activities. Thanks to Dr. Gwen Kelley for teaching, discipling and preparing young people to minister on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to our New Covenant Church family for your labors of love, diligence, and taking time away from your families to serve other families and individuals.