Choose Your Mindset

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

The difference between struggling and quitting mindsets (SQM) vs. struggling and persevering mindsets (SPM) are entirely different. One or the other mindset will be dominant in you depending on which one you feed.

1. Short attention span, so not enough time is given to find a solution
2. Glass is “half empty”
3. “I’m tired!“
4. Obstacles become impassable barriers
5. People viewed as a hindrance
6.  Permit distraction to alleviate the pain of struggling 
7. Misery loves company

1. Willing to study to gain understanding
2. Glass is “half full“ going on full
3. “I’m tired, so I’ll rest and get back in the saddle tomorrow”
4. Obstacles are an opportunity to find a better way
5. God is for me, no one can be successfully against me
6. People are a resource, but God is my Source
7. Remove distractions to make room for strength
8. Stay out of the misery room