Jesus' Gift to the World: Good Tidings of Great Joy!

Thursday, December 27, 2018 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

Saturday, December 15 witnessed our 28th Community Christmas Celebration. Many individuals and families received gifts, food boxes and heard the Christmas Story about Jesus Christ! One person came forward to receive Christ as Lord and Savior! On December 14, we reached out to serve incarnated women at the Indiana Women's Prison in collaboration with Friends Fellowship Ministry.

We were also pleased to share gifts with Faith Center Church and Jesus Inside Prison Ministry, who distributed gifts to others in need.

Here is a slideshow of activities:

Sharing the Love of Christ continued the week of December 16 with taking a family to shop for shoes as well as visiting mothers and children at the Craine House. THANK FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND SUPPORT!

Watch this Christmas message about the power of JOY! “Good Tidings of Great Joy.”