R-eflections in Preparation for 2020 - The Power of Good Perception

Wednesday, January 01, 2020 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

Your eye is like a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is healthy, your whole body is filled with light(Matthew 6:22 NLT) 

Welcome to 2020, a new year and a new decade! 

Jesus talked about having a “good” or “healthy” eye. He was talking about perception or how we see things and about “light” following good perception. Even while living in a world full of heartbreak and evil, we need to maintain a healthy and faith-filled outlook. Bad circumstances come not only to make your life difficult, but to break you by damaging your perception of self, your purpose, diminishing key people in your life, and reducing your faith in God.

A new year is an opportunity to reset and renew! 

Last week, while thinking about the new year, I had some thoughts or “R-eflections” (“R” words). 

R-eflections in preparation for 2020:

1. Reduce inefficiency – Do things better to redeem the time and make the most of opportunities. 

2. Remove clutter, environmentally, mentally, relationally, financially – Clutter is defined, “Things lying around in an untidy mess.”

3. Renew and strengthen vital relationships – “Vital” represents that which gives you life. We are aware of both life-giving and life-draining relationships (such as aspects of your job). You should not necessarily cut off a life-draining relationship because there is a purpose to be served in helping others. Life-giving relationships help to renew your strength.

4. Retire outdated methods, equipment, and processes – There comes a time to cease doing or using some things. In the last season, were you the last person using cassette tapes or keeping a land line? 

5. Refresh in the presence of God daily – There is nothing more important than your devotional time with the Lord. Plan it and protect it.

6. Respond less to unwelcome items – Be a good steward of your energy and time. You might find yourself to be an “unwelcome item” to others. Be prepared to remove yourself.

7. Read to lead and learn – Soundbites or getting bits of information here and there is no way to learn, grow, or lead. As the saying goes, some folks just know enough to be dangerous. Reading the Bible and good books/ebooks/resources remain the best means to gain truth and substantive information. I would suggest also using text-to-speech technology.

8. Rest well – The perils of a lack of rest are well documented and understood by all of us!

9. Reach out to embrace new opportunities – An opportunity is not everything that crosses your path. A genuine opportunity is something suited to your purpose and fits the desire of your heart.

These are some of my thoughts. Take some time to develop your own insights for 2020. A “healthy eye” can be cultivated. We all need the “light” of having good perceptions and strong faith in God!

~ Bryan Hudson