The Fruits of Bad Education, Bad Theology, and a Missed Opportunity

Friday, August 21, 2020 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments


The statement below represents the kind of reasoning and words under which many people were badly educated. Poor education has trained Christians to be silent on racial oppression, embrace bad theology, and remain complicit regarding ungodly aspects of our national history:

"Many of America’s forefathers owned slaves, but they loved them and developed good working relationships because they looked to the positive example of slavery outlined in the Bible." (From "The Bible and the Constitution,"

Note: The Trumpet was founded by Herbert W. Armstrong and the cultish Worldwide Church of God. This online publication is embraced by many evangelicals and politically motivated Christians today.

There is no Scripture cited in the US Constitution, only allusions to the "Divine." The absence of Scripture in the Constitution was intended by the Framers to afford freedom of religion and prevent the oppression of a "state church," which was one reason for seeking independence from England.

Unfortunately, for all the wisdom of the Constitution, it is my view that they should have abolished slavery (i.e., owning, exploiting, and selling people) when the nation was established. They should have also dealt justly with Native Americans. Not doing so resulted in immense misery, suffering, and ungodliness, including the Civil War and bigotry until the present day.