Change Your Frame. Change Your Life. -- Part Four: The Solution is Dissolution

Monday, March 01, 2021 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

Change Your Frame. Change Your Life.
 Part Four: The Solution is Dissolution

Psalm 119:49, Remember the word to Your servant, Upon which You have caused me to hope.

Hope is expectation. What do you expect?

"In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." – Eric Hoffer

Dissolution is: “The act or process of dissolving”

Rather than wrestle with problems, first determine if the problem IS the problem. Some “problems” need to be dissolved or deconstructed. The solution is dissolution. Surface problems should be dissolved so that underlying problems may be seen and resolved.

There is no solution in staring at a problem. There is no hope in the problem. I did not say you were hopeless. I am saying there is no hope in the problem itself.

Hope is expectation, so hope lies beyond the problem. We don’t wait on problems, we work towards solutions to problems.

1. What does it mean to dissolve a problem?
2. How is denial different from dissolution?
3. Why is there no hope in focusing on a problem?

YOUR CASE STUDY (Based on examples in the teaching):
What is your problem?
What is the core problem?
What do you need to dissolve to get at the core problem?