Article from 1999, "Straight From the Source: A Conversation with Rev. Bryan Hudson"

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August, 1999

Rev. Bryan Hudson of New Covenant Church, founded the Indianapolis Pastors' Gathering in 1996. In addition to monthly meetings, which average about 15 ministers attending, the organization sponsors an Annual Praise Gathering that brings together parishioners from the churches represented at the monthly Pastors' Gathering. The Gathering has also sponsored seminars on subjects of interest to pastors, such as tax and legal issues and dealing with the Y2K bug. In this excerpt from a recent interview, Hudson discusses his view of the role of ministerial associations.

Clergy Notes: Why did you start the Indianapolis Pastors Gathering?
Hudson: Many of us who pastor churches are doing very well. The churches are growing; we have nice buildings, nice programs. But overall in the city, the church unified is in ruins. We don't do much together. We are building our own little kingdoms. But Christ called his church one, as opposed to many. So I wrote a letter to many of my friends in the ministry and asked them, 'Is it time for us to consider coming together to pray for our city and our leaders?' I said I didn't need any more meetings, and if they didn't feel like we should do this, that was fine. I sent 40-some letters and received 23 responses that said, 'It's time.'

Clergy Notes: Is there anything about the Gathering that makes it different from other ministerial associations?
Hudson: Prayer is a big emphasis, as opposed to just talking about stuff. We pray for our mayor, our governor, our police chief, our schools. We probably spend three-quarters of our meeting praying.

Clergy Notes: Why do you think ministers keep coming back?
Hudson: With our group, they know that here is a place where we'll do some business, but not a whole lot. This is a place to be refreshed and pray. It's like an oasis, so pastors look forward to it. There's no sense of dread of having to sit there and wade through a lot of idle conversation.

Clergy Notes: Why do some ministerial associations decline in attendance or fold?

Hudson: One reason is a lack of clear purpose. Every organization has to have a guiding mission so the people involved stay motivated. Sometimes an organization will lose that sense of mission; they can't define in one sentence what they are doing. In a ministerial fellowship, we presume that God is helping us. It's difficult for a ministry to survive without divine direction. Second, the leadership of the organization has to communicate the mission, and be passionate about the organization. A sense of purpose and leadership are critical factors.

Clergy Notes: How would you sum up the purpose of the Gathering?
Hudson: Our first purpose is prayer. Our second purpose is to offer support to one another. Third, to work together to enhance the life of our communities. We're bold enough to think and believe that our prayers can affect the whole city.