No Longer a School Teacher, But an Educator for a Lifetime | Firm Foundation Inspiration Minute for May 25, 2022

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments


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This is a very special week in the life of my wife and best friend Patricia Ann Hudson. On yesterday, May 24, she said goodbye to her students for the school year. Every teacher knows that feeling.

Not only did she say goodbye to students she has educated since last August, she also said goodbye to a 41 year teaching career at Indianapolis Public Schools.

It occurred to me today that while she said goodbye to being a school teacher, I know she will continue to educate at one level or another. Educators are lifelong learners and communicators of knowledge and understanding.

This fruitful career was her journey, but Patricia did not travel alone. I was blessed to share in that four decade journey. We met and fell in love when she was an education student at Ball State University. We were married as 22 year olds and began to raise our first child, Michael.

Patricia's first teaching assignment was fourth grade at Henry W. Longfellow Middle School #28. At that time we lived in far Northwest Indianapolis and the school was in Southeast indianapolis. Every day, with one car in the early days, we made that long drive to take Patricia to her school, our son to his grandmother, and I went to work. We reversed that journey every week day in the late afternoon.

41 years later, we are blessed to have four children, all through college and in careers, and three grandchildren. One of our children, Jonathan, is an educator. Patricia also has hundreds of other children that she has loved and nurtured one year at a time. God has been faithful to her and to our family!

The last two weeks have been full of tributes to my wife from educators, friends, family, New Covenant Church family, and students. It's very difficult to find the words to fully express the positive impact she's had on the lives of children and future educators she has mentored.

I've shared with family and friends photos and videos of Patricia's career and in person tributes from the past two weeks. These are now memories and a legacy that will live in the hearts of minds of students, many now all grown up, for a lifetime.
Well done Patricia and THANK YOU!

God Bless and Be Encouraged!
~ Pastor Bryan Hudson, D.Min.

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