Biblical & Social Justice: What Is It? - Now Available on Audible!

Monday, March 18, 2024 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments


Pleased to announce that my book, Biblical & Social Justice: What Is It?” is now available as an audiobook on Audible via "Virtual Voice" which is a very high quality A.I. powered digital voice. Also available in print and e-book editions.

Visit for book information and to purchase from Amazon.

In our times, clarity on justice in all its forms is essential! Justice = Righteousness.

This audio version will make it easier for many to listen, learn, and gain insights on this important topic.


Table of Contents

1 - What is Biblical Justice?
2 - Social Justice and Church Engagement
3 - Social Justice and Preparedness to Act
4 - The Reign of Narratives
5 - A Nation Founded on Christian Principles?
6 - Christianity v. Christ
7 - Dr. King’s Concept of Justice
8 - May 25, 2020 George Floyd
9 - Perceptions, PTSD, Incarceration, & Re-Entry
10 - Blessings of Education and Perils of Mis-Education
11 - Race Relations, Ten Suggestions
12 - In the Words of John Wesley, “Thoughts On Slavery”
13 - The Myth of The Monolith
14 - What Can We Do?
15 - Success Stories
16 - Justice and Governing Authorities

Frequent Statements & Questions
Glossary of Civil Justice