The Empty Nest

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 Bryan Hudson 1 Comments

For Patricia and I, this is a bittersweet time as our youngest child, Christine, goes off to college. It's sweet because we are happy to see her attend the school of her choice, DePauw University. It's a little bitter because Patricia and I will be "rattling around" our big ole' house with empty bedrooms. On top of all that, we'll have to deal with Carson's (the cat) "separation anxiety" issues with Christine being away from home. Pray for us!

Along with Christine, several of our youth are going off to college. We are happy for each one, but their departure leaves a void in our church fellowship. We will see them from time to time, but going off to school represents a turning point in their lives. Let's keep these young men and women in our prayers.

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  1. Congratulations to Christine on being faithful to God and diligent in pursuing her education. And kudos to you and Pat for raising such wonderful children who fear God. No preacher kid horror stories in the Hudson household. Praise God!
    The campus is beautiful, btw.