Here we go!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 Bryan Hudson 6 Comments

Today, I am joining the blogging community! Like a baby, a web log (the full name of "blog") require lots of care and feeding. It's not something I wanted to start before I was ready to commit to maintaining it. Well, I'm ready to do this!

My friends know that I have a lot to say and have written on many subjects–some of which have been controversial. I have strong feelings about some things, so I trust you will allow me to express those points of view. Certainly, I don't claim to always be correct, but I claim to be honest and deeply concerned about the topics I raise. Feel free to engage me. If I'm wrong, tell me. If you feel I'm right, let me also know that.

I'll try to post at least twice per week on a wide range of subjects. Be sure to check out the various links to websites and blogs of interest. 

My journey into the "bloggersphere" begins today!


  1. Awesome Bryan and welcome to the blog world. Well done.

  2. welcome!!! i'm new to this also.

  3. Bryan, your entry into the bloggersphere makes an impact. Hopefully I will catch up with you soon.

  4. Hey way to go, Bryan.

    Here's one thing you'll want to add soon... an RSS-feed button... so people will know easily how they can add your blog to their RSS-reader. [More at RSS-feeds, Readers & Aggregators.]

  5. Welcome Bryan, I look foward to reading your Blog!

    Christopher Elliott

  6. Bryan,
    Congrats on joining the blog world. I have a question for you, Friday's are your Bible Studies at UB Cafe, what time do you start that Bible Study? I might be interested coming on Fridays if my time permits.