Happy Birthday Dad!

Friday, September 07, 2007 Bryan Hudson 1 Comments

Happy 71st birthday to my father, Horace Bryan ("H. B.") Hudson! Today, dad and I traveled to Ball State University in Muncie to visit with my son Jonathan. We enjoyed some quality time together in Jon's off campus apartment (much neater than his room when home, I might add!).

We celebrated dad's birthday over lunch and traveled back to the campus for the dedication of the new Dave Letterman Building for Communications and Media. Dave was on hand for the ceremony. Jon, a BSU senior, is taking an audio production class in this state of the art facility.

I am grateful for the presence of dad in my family's life and in our church. Having lost my mother in 2003, I gained a renewed perspective on spending quality time with the people I love. While in Muncie, a couple of other things did not get done in my office. Those items can be rescheduled, but I cherish the time with dad and Jonathan today.

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  1. Happy birthday Mr. Hudson. You are an excellent example of a godly man who walks in the fear of God. You remain faithful to the Lord; strong and steady. You have been an inspiration to me over the years as a husband, father, and man of God. You are such a stately man who loves God. You have borne much fruit for the Lord. God is well pleased with you.