Advice to Political Conservatives

Thursday, July 09, 2009 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

The convergence of changing demographics in our nation and the seemingly xenophobic posture of conservatives have put the national GOP in a losing mode for years to come. All the pontificating about conservatism and wishing for the return of Ronald Reagan won't change this reality. Here's a short list of what will help:
  1. Stop alienating minorities, who tend to view an insult to one as an insult to all. It is not racist to criticize someone's actions, but much of the unnecessary distain of famous minorities voiced by conservatives only puts others in the mind-set of, "We don't belong over there!"
  2. Show a sincere interest in minorities, value the contributions of non-whites to America, and open your hearts to people who do not look, live or act as you do. I think conservative leaders such as the late Jack Kemp and George W. Bush earned respect among many minorities.
  3. Christians should get out of bed with political conservatives. Biblical conservatism and political conservatism are not the same thing. Billy Graham and other Christians lived to regret aligning with political parties. We need to be a prophetic voice that speaks truth to power. On balance, it doesn't seem to me that Republicans live more biblically than Democrats. What Christians do best is love people and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who alone can transform lives and empower changes in behavior.
  4. Move the GOP identity away from "flame throwers" like Peter King, Cheney, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and such. Embrace people such as Colin Powell as leaders in the Republican Party and don't let the conservative radicals run him off.
"Conservatism" is a ruined brand that needs to give way to something better. Abraham Lincoln, who is revered as the "greatest" Republican, proposed the Emancipation Proclamation, which was not a conservative concept.