"New Media for Ministry" now Available!

Thursday, July 15, 2010 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

Yesterday, my new book, New Media for Ministry, was released. I am excited about sharing my insights and thoughts on media and new media as it relates to ministry. The book is available in print (122 pages), Kindle ebook, and PDF formats. As both a Kindle and iPad owner, I appreciate the convenience of enjoying book content on these devices. However, I still think that printed, or "dead tree," books continue to be an excellent, easy to use "technology" for the majority of people in our world.

I decided not to take an overly technical approach with the content, since new media professionals already know the tech stuff. The book was written to help pastors, organization leaders and Christian workers better understand processes and techniques related to media for ministry.

As a book dealing with new media, I thought it was also important to provide an online companion resource for discussion and idea exchange. Visit newmediaforministry.com/book/Contents.html to visit the companion website and interact with content from each chapter. Your insights and comments are welcome.

I hope you will consider purchasing my book and sharing this exciting news with your friends and associates!