Looking Forward to a Fruitful Mission to Kenya, Africa in November

Monday, October 17, 2016 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

I would like to share with you an opportunity to be a part of a life-changing, pastor and church-empowering mission to Kenya, Africa!

I look forward to traveling with Pastor Jerry Williams, Dr. Kenneth Sullivan, and Ismael Ba (Pastor Jerry’s son-in-law) to Eldoret, Kenya, Africa. We will depart the USA on November 6th and return on November 18th.

This will be my fifth trip to the great continent of Africa, and my second time traveling into the country of Kenya. We will be ministering in and around the city of Eldoret which is about 200 miles northwest of Nairobi Kenya. We will also minister in the town of Busia, Kenya. (Click here to see 2013 mission report)

After prayer and consideration, we decided to return to Kenya to build on the foundation of previous work already accomplished from our 2013 mission. We will be conducting gospel crusades in the evenings and holding seminars for Christian leaders and workers during the day. We also plan to visit an orphanage we have been supporting for three years. We are expecting hundreds of people to experience new life in Jesus Christ, receive blessings from God, and for churches, Christian leaders and believers to be empowered. Pastor Jerry and I will be teaching and preaching in crusades and seminars. Dr. Kenneth Sullivan, who is taking his first trip to Africa, will be ministering also. Our plan also includes blessing local churches with needed resources. I would like to ship 500 of my four devotional books to the churches.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to make another lasting impact on the people and nation of Kenya. We will reach out to seek and save the lost, empower believers in Christ, and strengthen pastors in the region. I ask you to partner with me on this mission to Kenya, Africa by adding your faith and support!

~ Bryan Hudson