It's a Wrap! 2017 Multimedia In Focus Media Camp. See the Projects!

Wednesday, July 05, 2017 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

We are thankful for the conclusion of another outstanding Media & Arts Camp! 

This was our 18th year. We thank you for your support and participation. 2017 Crew Members did an outstanding job of thinking, designing, working, and producing great projects. My vision from the year 2000 of empowering young people in the media arts and moving them from consumers of media into producers continues to be fruitful. YOU are a major part of all the positive outcomes!

I appreciate the guidance and expertise of our instructors who helped Crew Members learn and develop outstanding digital media and artistic work. We enjoyed helping young men and women tap into their God-given abilities and inspiring them to use their skills to better themselves and their community.

In keeping with Media Camp Rule #9, we also had FUN doing the work and working together! We heard from AMAZING professionals in the field of media arts who came each week to present their work and talk about their fields. We also visited production and education institutions. We are grateful for their willingness to host our Crew Members and expose them to real world production.

Visit our website to see and hear amazing projects produced by youth at 2017 Multimedia In Focus Media & Arts Camp.

Thank you and God Bless,
Rev. Bryan Hudson
Program Founder/Director