Introduction to Vision Stream Network!

Monday, May 21, 2018 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

Vision Stream Network is a digital media project I've been doing since November 2017. Visit this link to learn about unique features of  VSN.

Vision Stream Network (VSN) is an Internet broadcasting and digital media production platform. We produce original programs as well as empower producer originated programs that are informational, insightful, and inspirational. 

The difference with Vision Stream Network and other online networks is that we broadcast direct to the Facebook pages and websites of our clients.

In addition to programs and podcasts that we produce for amour clients we also broadcast community events such as the Unite Indy Urban Employment Crisis forum. 
(click here to watch the video of that event)

I host a program called Conversations In Focus (Audio) and which we've spoken with many guess were doing great work in both the community and in God's kingdom
I invite you to check out the video and audio podcast for Conversations In Focus. 
(click here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes)