My First Thoughts on Overturning Roe v Wade

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

Food for thought: 

I’ve been pro-life (womb to tomb) my entire adult life in Christ. The disturbing change I’ve seen is a shift from compassion and a message of “Choose life” to a message of condemnation, “Do what we say or face judgment.” Less personal appeal to win hearts/minds and more willingness to use laws and courts as a hammer—and to regard this as “spiritual breakthrough.”

Then, there is the focus on condemning women, criminalizing them, and letting men (the “accomplice” to any pregnancy—except in vitro) get away––which is consistent with our patriarchal culture. So, temper your “excitement” about overturning Roe with the sober knowledge that the outcome was achieved through political manipulation, deception, and ecclesiastical compromise. Also know that politically motivated “Christians” will continue to use laws/courts to attempt to “hammer” people into submission. The ends do not justify the means.

You and I will still be held accountable for what we have done, or failed to do, to save the unborn and serve the born. Winning hearts and minds with the love of Christ is still God’s way. 

What you and I can do:
1. Teach people to live right and live well
2. Counsel women to choose life
3. Support them and their children when they do
4. Hold men accountable
5. Support crisis pregnancy centers and advocates of true “pro-life” (womb to tomb)