DAY 4 - Blessed to Keep Justice and Do Righteousness | Firm Foundation Devotional

Wednesday, November 04, 2020 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments

Blessed are those who keep justice, And he who does righteousness at all times! (Psalm 106:3)

There are times when we feel overwhelmed by reports of mistreatment, disrespect, and injustice. During those times, we are thankful for the presence of justice and righteousness. It is also good to know there are people who are committed to keeping justice and doing righteousness.

The Psalmist wrote that such persons are “blessed.” To be blessed is to receive favor, mercy, or benefit. God is the source of favor, mercy, and benefits. Being a blessed person is not something only within the reach of a few special people. According to the text, those who keep justice and do righteousness receive blessing from God.

It is impossible to be selfishly motivated and then have the capacity to practice justice and righteousness. Doing good for others require some level of sacrifice and denying self. There’s also the frustration of being ignored, misunderstood, or not knowing if your efforts are making a difference. Early in his civil rights work, Dr. Martin Luther King was confident that his efforts to keep justice and do righteousness would result in diverse cooperative efforts among ministers in his day. In an interview with Alex Haley, Dr. King said, 

“I [believed] that because our cause was just, we could be sure that the white ministers of the South, once their Christian consciences were challenged, would rise to our aid. I felt that white ministers would take our cause to the white power structures. I ended up, of course, chastened and disillusioned.” (

Dr. King learned what we all must learn, keeping justice and doing righteousness is a work of sincerity and commitment to purpose. We do things right that are right because they are right. We extend justice and righteousness to others because we found the same in our hearts through Christ.

Reflection Question: What motivates you to continue to practice God's justice/righteousness in your life and extend the same to others?

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