Living Life and Life Givers – Firm Foundation Inspiration Minute for November 30, 2022

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 Bryan Hudson 0 Comments


2 Timothy 1:5, I’m reminded of your authentic faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice. I’m sure that this faith is also inside you.

In his second letter to Timothy, the Apostle Paul addressed him in a very personal way. Paul reflected on Timothy's faith in God. In doing so he identified the legacy of faith proceeding from both his grandmother and mother. He even knew their names, Lois and Eunice.

On November 29, I celebrated another birthday. While I saw my entire family on Thanksgiving day on the 24th, it was great to have dinner with my wife, my father, and two of our children who live in the city. Birthdays are an obvious reminder that we are blessed with the gift of life. It is also reminder of the blessing of life givers-–– our parents and life givers who extend back through our grandparents and all of our ancestors. 

What we carry forward through our lives should be a reflection of the grace of God and the best attributes of our parents and grandparents. Now that I have the blessing of hindsight, it is easy to see the imprint of my maternal grandfather Rev. Ray Elijah Hudson, who was also my first pastor in mentor, my maternal grandmother Amanda, my maternal grandfather and grandmother William and Essie Hayden (who were also Gospel singers and musicians). I also think about my maternal great grandfather, Reverend Frederick Williams. shown in this amazing photograph from the 1920s (top left).

One of the birthday greetings I received read, "I am thankful for knowing you and God having you in this world!" The thought of living one's life in the present world creates the feeling of hope, and expectation that one's life is making a positive impact on people in our world. On our birthday when we celebrate having life, we can also celebrate giving life, not only in parenting, but enriching others.

As we are also in the midst of the Christmas season, I cannot think of a better gift than giving hope and enriching the lives of people. I think this is the summary of the legacy looking back over my family. They were all people living life in order to give life to others.

We are all life givers.

God Bless and Be Encouraged!
~ Pastor Bryan Hudson, D.Min.


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